Steel stairs – design, production and assembly

Nord Trapp produces the highest quality steel stairs with an individual design tailored to the customer’s needs. Steel stairs can be used as an evacuation route. Their advantage is the aesthetic appearance. External steel stairs will improve the look of the building. In addition, there is no doubt that a good and safe steel staircase from the highest quality materials will help protect people in the building in the event of a fire.

There are currently many requirements for escape routes, and steel evacuation stairs will certainly help to ensure safety. At Nord Trapp, we offer a design made with customer requirements, as well as a guarantee that the steel stairs will be installed on the agreed date.

Nord Trapp designs and manufactures steel stairs with high quality and functionality. The highest quality materials are used for construction. We strive to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Our product range includes steel stairs, wooden stairs and railings.

Nord Trapp has departments in Poland (Przywidz) and Norway (Horten), and our customer base is located mainly in Oslo and the surrounding area. When designing, we pay special attention to make the steel stairs functional and very good quality, as well as provide comfort in everyday life, as well as match the surrounding environment and decor. At Nord Trapp, we focus on the wishes and specific requirements of the customer in terms of design, application and materials.

Design, production process and assembly

Nord Trapp products are designed in accordance with current standards, technical requirements and construction law. Our production process ensures that the elements will be manufactured with the right precision. In addition, our assembly teams are well qualified and experienced, which ensures durability of the structure as well as safety of use, accuracy and compliance with the agreed time. The construction of steel stairs should be solid and properly designed so that it can be used for many years. If desired, steel stairs can be designed from a variety of materials such as steel, glass and wood.

Functional steel stairs with handrails of appropriate quality and design

Steel stairs have elegant and safe balustrades that are adapted to your stairs. You can choose a full-glass or steel railing to get the right look or other type of railing that best suits you and your needs. The main task of steel stairs with handrails is to ensure safety in everyday life or in an emergency situation, when it is necessary to evacuate the building.

At Nord Trapp you get steel stairs with the best design and functionality

Contact us to request a pricing for steel stairs that are available in countless designs and functionality that meets all safety requirements. Functional steel stairs in an elegant style with appropriate and custom handrails will certainly match your building. Thanks to non-standard steel evacuation stairs, the building will guarantee safety in the event of fire or other emergency situations when evacuation is necessary.

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